The Company

Maxwell Oil Tools is a manufacturer and supplier of composite centralizers and other composite tools used primarily in downhole oilfield applications.
Its revolutionary Multilayer Composite Centralizer (MCC) technology combines high wear resistance with an extremely low friction factor and superior fluid bypass, addressing centralization and casing-running challenges in todays increased well complexity.


Launch of MaxDrill NR – our new All Composite Non-Rotating DPP at ATS&Es

We were exhibiting at the Society of Petroleum Engineers – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section (SPE–KSA) 2018 Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition (ATS&E) held at Dhahran expo (23-26 April 2018). We used this event to launch our new Maxdrill NR – our new All Composite Non-Rotating Drillpipe Protector (NRDPP).

Inspections and installation

Our products can be installed reliably in the field, allowing Maxwell Oil Tools to efficiently provide product in remote locations around the world as required by the client.

Downhole T&D Analysis

Maxwell will provide torque and drag analysis to assist in modelling tubular running operations.
Utilisation of in house friction & wear test equipment can provide realistic friction & wear values for downhole operating conditions.

Centralization Placement and Standoff Analysis

Maxwell models centralization placement analysis for given level of standoff or spacing as required.
Using centralization software, Maxwell models centralization required for given level of standoff or standoff which will be provided for a given number of centralizers as required.



Low friction composite centralizers

Maxwell Oil Tools - Composite centralizers MCC offset centralizers

Drillpipe tools

Maxdrill all composite fixed & non rotating
drillpipe protectors

Maxwell Oil Tools - Maxdrill F

Special tools

Composite low friction tools for bespoke applications

Maxwell Oil Tools - Slip on Riser Stabilizers

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