Our Mission

… is for total client satisfaction in our custom-made downhole solutions. We are fully committed to providing innovative products with exceptional quality control and assurance. We will focus our knowledge and experience toward anticipating challenges associated with an ever-changing Oil and Gas Industry. We will dedicate ourselves into making our products useful for alternative industries such as Geothermal Energy and Salt Wells. We will take the time to understand each customer’s needs and develop solutions based on their precise specifications, making us a supplier of choice worldwide.

This journey began when we set out to redefine the concept of a casing and liner centralizer. We saw an obvious design flaw in stop collars and rigid bodies used in conventional applications; higher surge effect and increased ECD values from adding to the overall casing diameter. Our HELIX™ Offset solutions, for example, allow for optimal fluid flow while reducing friction factors.

The challenge of solving specific problems in extreme conditions has been the cornerstone of what drives Maxwell Oil Tools to engineer superior products and deliver exceptional service. Our combined knowledge of working on Extended-Reach and Complex Wells has given us the knowledge and experience to customize composite solutions for the global Upstream Industry.

Core Business

… is the development and manufacturing of composite casing and tubing attachments. These tools are designed to solve numerous problems or limitations in downhole applications and have resulted in a broad range of products and patents. Each innovation provides our clients solutions for perfect centralization & cementing, optimized fluid flow for ECD mitigation, and reduced friction factors to enhance casing placement.

Our composite drill pipe protectors exhibit extraordinary wear resistance with casing-friendly values for decreased casing wear while drilling.

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