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Safety Policy

Maxwell Oil Tools firmly believes its workforce deserves the highest standard of Occupational Health & Safety. We take pride in our corporate policies that meet or exceed current international labour laws.

Our management team strives toward efficiency and productivity while prioritizing the well-being of our employees. We achieve this by implementing training programs for equipment operation and workplace hazard assessment. These resources are made readily available to ensure all employees commit to, and continuously improve upon, a healthy and safe work environment.


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Safety issues

Management rigorously enforces the commitments of the company to ensure:

  • each stage and process of our business is conducted in full compliance with company policies as well as workplace health and safety laws
  • safety issues are considered essential when defining new activities or revising existing ones
  • all corporate activities are managed with the aim of preventing accidents, injuries, and occupational health risks
  • the workplace, operational, and organizational aspects are managed in order to protect, not only employees, but third parties, sub-contractors, and the community
  • machines, facilities, and equipment used in company activities comply with laws and regulations and are subject to audits and periodic maintenance
  • all employees are properly trained to assess any potential risks in the offices, manufacturing facilities, and worksites
  • clearly defined targets and goals for improving workplace health and safety
  • all departments within the company, according to their responsibilities, regularly achieve their assigned safety objectives
  • employee involvement in identifying and enforcing best work practices in the workplace
  • the protection of the environment at all cost by properly disposing hazardous or discarded materials of any sort

Maxwell is fully committed to promoting this policy to all employees, partners, and stakeholders and constantly aims for total compliance.