Manufactured using low-friction, composite materials

HELIX Offset - Bonded to Tubular

Drillpipe Protectors

MAXDRILL™ All Composite Ultra low friction Fixed & Non Rotating Drillpipe Protectors

MAXDRILL F - Bonded to Tubular

Casing Drilling

Ultra Low Friction material custom designed to insure perfect standoff and reduced contact surface

DUCKBILL - Casing Drilling Centralizers

Cable Protectors

Mid-Joint or Over Coupling solutions with Ultra Low Friction values

MAXCLAMP - Cable Protector Over the Coupling

Stop Collars

Standard and Tight tolerance solutions replacing Centralizer subs with off the scale holding forces

MAXSTOP - Bonded to Tubular

Special Tools

Protectors for your Swell packers, Screens, Tracer tools… Custom designed sizes and shapes

MAD MAX - Slip-On Stabilizer