On 01.01.2021, Christian Koppenberg joined Maxwell Oil Tools, assuming the position of CEO and Group Managing Director.

Christian has over 18 years of experience working with composite materials and technology used in various applications and industries. Starting from the fibre manufacturing, textile conversion, intermediate materials to final manufacturing of composite parts.

For the past 4 year, Christian has been with the AVANCO Group, our new strategic partner. Within the AVANCO Group, Christian led the division named DYNEXA producing high performance composite components based on the filament winding process.

Welcome aboard Christian !


Maxwell Oil Tools is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with a new strategic partner, the AVANCO Group.

The aim of this venture between Maxwell Oil Tools and AVANCO is to develop and produce rotationally symmetrical composite components as well as special coatings for the oil & gas industry.

Through these measures, we create synergies in structures and processes and take a step further towards sustainably strengthening our market position on the basis of our core capabilities and technologies.

About AVANCO Group
AVANCO Group is a German company engaged in the development, manufacturing and refinement of technical products made of aluminum and fibre composite materials. These particularly include tubes and profiles, tubular and prismatic lightweight components. AVANCO’s entire value chain is focused on the development of technically high-end solutions making AVANCO a global leader in their market segments.

Company website: http://www.avanco.de/