The MAXLOCK ERD™ is a low friction, highly abrasion resistant, non-metallic centralizer designed specifically for challenging ERD applications.

The Centralizer comprises 2 half shells which are bonded directly to the tubular, by injecting a modified structural epoxy system into a profiled cavity between part and tubular body, thereby eliminating the need for collars or screw mechanisms.

The installed tool with its staggered upsets, reduce annular restriction and optimize annular fluid bypass. Together with the low friction, low wear Kevlar ceramic surface, the MAXLOCK ERD™ provides significant benefits for ERD and horizontal completions.

The system is field proven and shows excellent results even under very aggressive well conditions.

Main Advantages
Tool bonded directly to the tubular with staggered pads:

  • optimizes fluid bypass
  • reduces peak dynamic pressure by up to 50%
  • avoids build-up of any debris or cuttings present in deviated well bores in front of standard solid body centralizers

Millable and Drillable
Very low friction coefficient, with drag reduction greater than 40%
Best in Class wear resistance 20x improvement over high end thermoplastics
Low impact geometry for restrictions / obstructions
Flexibility of design allows the optimal solution for each situation
Non-metallic, chemically resistant and non-corrosive

Principal Applications

ERD and highly deviated wells
Low friction / low drag properties for long horizontal sections
Utilized for chrome and alloy base tubulars where galvanic corrosion is an issue